Simple Method for Determining the Chances of Losing Streaks

Have you at any point thought about what your chances are of losing three sequential blackjack hands? Have you at any point thought about how frequently you’ll endure four straight losing baccarat wagers?

On the off chance that you’ve considered these sorts of inquiries previously, you can clear them up by figuring out how to work out betting series of failures. This math might appear to be a secret from the get go, however it’s easy to do.

The accompanying aide examines how you can compute the chances of different betting series of failures regardless of the game. It additionally covers the reason why this data is valuable.

Educators don’t cover wagering series of failures in school. Thusly, this subject isn’t precisely widely known.

Thus, anybody can feel lost with regards to computing how long a horrible streak will endure. As you’ll see underneath, however, this data can be sorted out in a couple of straightforward advances.

Get familiar with the Chances of Losing

The principal thing that you should know in regards to series of failures is what the possibilities are of losing a given wagered. These probabilities change enormously contingent on the singular bet.

Here are a few instances of various bets and their possibilities losing:

  • American Roulette Red/Black – 52.63%
  • Baccarat Banker Hand – 49.32% (not including ties)
  • Baccarat Player Hand – 50.68% (not including ties)
  • Blackjack Hand – 53.64% (not including ties)
  • Craps Pass Line – 51.71%
  • Craps Don’t Pass Line – 50.71% (counts pushes on 12)
  • Craps Buy Bet on 4 or 10 – 66.67%
  • European Roulette Red/dark – 51.35%
  • Sic Bo “Large” – 51.39%
  • Sic Bo “Little” – 51.39%
  • Know What to Multiply

When you know the likelihood of losing a bet, you duplicate this figure without anyone else. The times you increase the rate without anyone else relies on the proposed streak’s length.

Here is a model:

You need to know the likelihood of losing a baccarat player bet multiple times in succession.

A baccarat broker hand is recorded at 49.32%, which is 0.4932.

4932 ^ 4 = 0.05917

Your possibilities losing four straight player wagers are 5.92%.

You can utilize the Big Number Calculator at to sort everything out. On the other hand, you can likewise enter the rate again and again in a standard mini-computer. In the model above, you’d duplicate: 0.4932 x 0.4932 x 0.4932 x 0.4932.

Convert the Percentage to Odds

You might be totally fine with finishing on a rate in regards to betting long strings of failures. Expecting you need to take things further and decide the chances, however, then, at that point, you’ll have to make a chances transformation.

In the past model, you showed up at a 5.92% possibility losing four continuous bets. You could make a supposition that this occasion happens around 1 out of multiple times.

Online Roulette Screenshot – Young Man Thinking About Something

To get a more-exact figure, however, you convert the rate to chances. A lot of devices across the web permit you to do this

Subsequent to finding a mini-computer that allows you to change chances over completely to rates, you can start entering the pertinent data. Here is a model on what to include with the baccarat model:

You need to change over 5.92% to chances.

You input 5.92 in the rate field (a few number crunchers might require 0.0592).

This rate converts to 15.89:1 chances.

Once more, you don’t actually need to switch rates over completely to chances. However, different web-based devices can assist you with making this change when vital.

With respect to the 15:89:1 chances, this figure implies that the horrible streak will just happen 1 in 16.89 times (15.89 + 1 = 16.89).

Instances of Calculating Losing Streaks With Different Games

When you realize the means covered above, you’re prepared to start ascertaining the chances of different long strings of failures. Be that as it may, you could need more models regarding this situation. Here are various models on series of failures including different gambling club games and wagers.

What are the chances of losing 10 straight blackjack hands?

  • The likelihood of losing a blackjack hand is 53.64%.
  • 5364 ^ 10 = 0.00197
  • The likelihood of losing 10 straight blackjack hands is 0.197%.
  • 506:1 chances
  • What are the chances of losing 15 sequential European Roulette turns?
  • The likelihood of losing an European Roulette even-cash bet is 51.35%.

What are the chances of losing 20 baccarat financier wagers in succession?

  • The likelihood of losing a baccarat investor bet is 49.32%.
  • 4932 ^ 20 = 0.000000725
  • The likelihood of losing 20 straight financier wagers is 0.000072%.
  • 1,388,887:1 chances

Why Is Knowing the Odds of Losing Streaks Important?

You might find that knowing how to ascertain wagering long strings of failures to be useful for at least one reasons. The following are a couple of cases where you’ll profit from such information.

Decide the Chances of Losing Everything

Hazard of ruin is a significant idea in betting. It decides the possibilities losing your whole bankroll and beginning once again.

So, you’ll really do well to know your gamble of ruin in any betting circumstance. Figuring out the number of successive misfortunes you that need to endure prior to losing your bankroll helps in this.


Here is a guide to show this point:

  • You have a $200 bankroll.
  • You’re playing American Roulette and making $20 even-cash bets.
  • 200/20 = 10 straight wagers would take your bankroll
  • You need to know the possibilities running into such a terrible streak.
  • An even-cash bet has a 52.63% likelihood of losing in this game.
  • 5263 ^ 10 = 0.00163
  • You have a 0.163% likelihood of losing 10 sequential bets and your $200 bankroll.
  • 612:1 chances

Expecting you really do lose your bankroll, it’ll most likely occur in an increasingly slow long way. In any case, you’ll see the value in knowing what amount of time it will require to lose everything under outrageous models.

Helpful When Using Betting Systems

A few wagering frameworks require expanding bets after misfortunes. These wagering procedures are known as bad movement frameworks.

A portion of these frameworks compel you to face more gamble challenges others. They can rapidly deplete your whole bankroll during a horrible streak.

The Martingale wagering framework, for instance, expects you to twofold wagers after any misfortune. The Grand Martingale goes significantly further by approaching you to add an additional unit alongside multiplying bets.

Here are instances of utilizing these frameworks with $500 while setting European Roulette even-cash wagers: