Slot, Nirvana Rating and reviews

There isn’t much youthful exuberance here, however a major victory can elevate your consciousness to the next level. You’ll be joining dragons, phoenixes, cats, and antlered bunnies in Yggdrasil’s (also a mythological tree) Nirvana-themed online slot. You guessed it: antlers. This video slot has a bonus round that can significantly increase your earnings, in addition to its standard five reels and twenty paylines. Read on if the prospect of padding your bank account via the generous extras seems appealing, or if the sight of a rabbit with antlers merely tickles your fancy.

Nirvana Slots: The Whole Story

This game’s visuals and audio are exactly what you’d want for from a reputable developer like Yggdrasil. The music is enveloping and dreamlike, transporting you to a land where mountains and clouds coexist in harmony. However, it’s easier on the eyes than you may think. There are no flashy graphics, just crisp, high-definition symbols and spinners. With the interface’s gold and stone design, you can easily see your lines and bet information shown in contrasting black boxes. Even though they seem a little out of place, the animals are beautifully rendered. The Nirvana slot machine is a visual feast and a jackpot hunter’s dream.

Tips for Enjoying Online Nirvana Slots

As you might have guessed, the biggest paying symbols are the bizarre mythical animals, so aim to line up as many of them as possible. The base prize is 250 coins, however there is a bonus round that can significantly increase this amount. You may place bets ranging from 0.40 coins to 100 coins if you feel lady luck is on your side. While the larger stakes may be intimidating if you’re just getting your feet wet with online slots, the bonus possibility more than makes up for the risk.

Symbols, Bonus Rounds, and Extra Features of the Nirvana Slot

In addition to the green ‘Wild’ wild and the lotus flower scatter, this game also has a free-spins bonus round. If everything breaks your way, this is where you may amass a substantial fortune. If you acquire two scatters, you’ll activate a random bonus round and free spins. Three scatters will award 10 bonus spins. In addition, you get to pick one of three extras: Nudge reels, which move one reel up or down if you’re near to a better win than you’ve previously spun, wild seeds, which add two to four wilds on every spin, and mega reels, which turn the last three reels into one enormous symbol. How often have you been one symbol away from a large payoff when the nudge bonus kicked in at the end? Even better, additional scatters in the free spin mode will result in further spin resets and bonus bonuses. In all, it’s a polished, entertaining, and lucrative slot machine.